She Decided to Run Her Way

Are you standing in a place of frustration? Struggling with fatigue that’s zapping your energy, making your running difficult, and often leaving you in bed for hours and sometimes days after doing some of the simplest tasks?

Maybe you’re drowning in medications and doctor visits, only to still be hitting walls with your health and your running, and not getting answers?

Spending hours reading blogs, books, and listening to podcasts without a clear understanding of what’s really going on and what to do,’re still “pushing through?”

If you’re a female runner who’s frustrated with not being able to run the way you used to and you’re ready to ditch that energy-depleting fatigue, then tune into "She Decided to Run Her Way" podcast with your host, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Running Coach, Pamela Otero.

Each week she’ll be sharing running strategies and healing protocols to help you get back the energy you once had, the body you desperately desire, and the things you absolutely love.

If you want to know how to resolve your chronic fatigue and reclaim your running, then sit back, grab your favorite glass of kombucha, and learn how it’s totally possible for you!

She Decided to Run Her Way

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054: Trail Running Pros and Cons
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054: Trail Running Pros and Cons

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