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For any small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to get more visibility and brand recognition for FREE, the Small Business PR podcast is the place for you. With untraditional yet proven strategies to help you hack your own PR and marketing without ads or agencies, this podcast will give you a roadmap to go from unknown to legendary, regardless of how "early" or "small" your business is. Join us every week as our host, Gloria Chou, award-winning small business PR expert to thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide, helps you uncover your roadblocks, find your press-worthy angle, and unlock your greatest potential as the purpose-driven leader you already are. With interviews with top-tier journalists, diverse founders, and purpose-driven subject experts, this podcast will be your rocket fuel to getting your brand in front of thousands of customers who like and trust you. The best part? You don't need to have any "industry connections" or a huge budget to position yourself as the sought-after industry authority you know you are! Join us for the #1 PR Masterclass to learn the 3 step method to landing media features in 30 days at
Small Business PR

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