Someplace for Every Body

There is so much pressure placed on us as humans to fit the mold that society has set—I'm here to break it. This is Someplace for Every Body... and I mean Every Body... a podcast about bodies, the way we feel about them, and our shared experiences around body shame. I'm your host, Carly Someplace.

In each episode, we'll be diving into real, heartfelt conversations about the pressures of being too fat, too thin, too curvy, too skinny, too tall, too small…. The experience of being human in our bodies. We’ll be walking through how to include our “flaws” and begin acceptance of our bodies so they can be a vessel we love.

Tune in every week to hear from real humans and join me in making moves towards body neutrality in society as I equip you with tools and resources to make big moves in your own community.

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Someplace for Every Body

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