Square Notes: The Sacred Music Podcast

You鈥檝e got questions about sacred music? Here鈥檚 your chance to learn what the Church teaches and envisions for music in the sacred liturgy.

Welcome to Square Notes: The Sacred Music Podcast with your host Dr. Jennifer Donelson-Nowicka. We address topics of interest both to priests and liturgical musicians, as well as a general audience of Catholics interested in learning more about the Catholic Church鈥檚 teachings and treasury of sacred music. Our topics range from discussion of Church documents on sacred music, to the music of certain composers or eras, Gregorian chant, the role of music in Catholic education, and techniques for directing a better choir rehearsal. We鈥檒l interview bishops, priests, music directors, composers, teachers, philosophers, and theologians. We鈥檒l talk to people who found a home in the Catholic Church because they heard the call of Christ in the Church鈥檚 sacred music. We鈥檒l ask questions about how really great music programs are doing their work. We鈥檒l introduce you to Catholics who love their faith and, through sacred music, offer all their efforts for his glory and the sanctification of all who hear them.
We aim for our podcast to be thoughtful, encouraging, and informative. We hope, too, that it will inspire and motivate you to work for the renewal of authentic beauty in sacred music鈥攚hether you鈥檙e a working church musician or an average Catholic in the pews wondering what鈥檚 going on. With the prayers of our patronesses, Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom and Saint Elisabeth of the Trinity, we hope to help draw souls to Christ through the beauty of the Church鈥檚 sacred music.
Square Notes: The Sacred Music Podcast

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