Start Right Here: Conversations About What Matters Most

The Start Right HERE podcast was created because our world could use some therapy. From two bestselling authors and psychotherapists with more than 90 years of combined experience. Still standing, writing, and talking (And making sense the vast majority of the time).

Start HERE emphasizes that mental and emotional well-being requires certain essential understandings and practices. The hosts demonstrate clearly how the same principles that they utilize in individual and relationship therapy also apply to the larger contexts of family, organizations, community and even government.

The hosts are at times as much philosophical as psychological but never stray from their commitment to being practical. There will be “take-aways” from every episode – something to think about in a different way - and/or something new to try to improve your relationship with yourself, your friends, your family, and the bigger world surrounding us all.

We encourage feedback so please email us anytime at [email protected] for any questions or comments!
Start Right Here: Conversations About What Matters Most

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Episode Six: The Authentic Self
55 minutes ·

Episode Six: The Authentic Self

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