Swami B.P. Padmanabha's 2022 Lectures

Swami Padmanabha is an author, monk and one of the most renowned practitioners of the ancient mystic tradition of Bhakti Yoga in America and Europe.

His versatility is displayed in different areas, being a prominent speaker, prolific musician, scholar in different disciplines and leader of spiritual communities.

He was born on November 15th in 1980, in a loving and simple family that gave him a formation with beautiful values ​​and ideals. From a very tender age, a strong thirst in relation to truth and life´s ultimate purpose awakened in Swami, which led him to travel different paths.

His restless intellect led him to deep studies and contact with different ascetic disciplines. In this search he got in touch with the message of the Hindu Devotional Vedanta (also called bhakti), which would eventually become his spiritual path for life.

At the age of 19, Swami begins his priestly life and at the age of 28 he officially accepts the order of sannyasa, which teaches about how to move in the world without becoming attached to it.

Swami Padmanabha keeps developing and encouraging innumerable projects linked to philosophy, psychology, art, and, especially, he carries out a broad campaign of social awareness through multiple discussions, seminars, retreats and articles in social media. He is also engaged in academic circles, giving talks at different universities around the globe.

When he is not traveling around the world, Swami mainly resides in Godrum, a spiritual community located in a beautiful island in Argentina. From there, he inspires members of the community and visitors who come from different countries with his teachings and personal example. His deep humanity and sharp vision combined with resounding personal integrity, make him an undeniable spiritual referent for the present times we are living.

Author of Inherent or Inherited: Bhakti in the Jiva According to Gaudiya Vedanta
Swami B.P. Padmanabha's 2022 Lectures

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