The Artistic Yoga Podcast

In the Artistic Yoga podcast, Dr. Bharat Thakur helps explore how to live with awareness. Through a compelling narrative on the most fundamental and often underinvested aspects of our life - breathing, mindful activity, nutrition, hydration, sleep, relationship, silence; Bharat helps us better understand the mind body equation and how to deal with our lifestyle issues, including obesity, stress, hypertension, cardiac problems, women鈥檚 health, immune disorders, age related problems and mental health.聽Bharat鈥檚 philosophy gives yoga a universal language, easy to understand and adopt. It centres on the principles of balance, cheerfulness, awakening the breath body, compassion to self and others, unlearning to learn and a meaningful engagement with consciousness.Born in India and raised as a child in the Himalayas, Dr. Bharat Thakur belongs to the world. A yogi, a spiritual teacher and master, he has simplified yoga and taken it around the world through his centres in UAE, India and Europe.聽Bharat is an accomplished poet and a contemporary visual artist with several international awards to his name. He has authored several books on yoga.
The Artistic Yoga Podcast

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The Mountain Logs Day 0
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The Mountain Logs Day 0

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