The Christian Pregnancy Podcast - Childbirth, Postpartum, New Mom, Miscarriage, Healthy Pregnancy

Are you tired of being stressed out thinking about how you will go through childbirth being a first-time mom?

Are you sick of feeling so discouraged wondering why you aren鈥榯 enjoying your pregnancy as much as you had hoped?

Do you wish you could have God鈥榮 peace and joy each day as you go through the tough months of pregnancy?

Do you wish that you could just sit back and relax and enjoy the coming arrival of your new baby that God has blessed you with?

How about going through the postpartum weeks without succumbing to the stress of being a new mother, whether or not it is your first time?

In this podcast, you will find the God-led solutions to all your stress, fears, and worries about pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.
The purpose of this podcast is to help you to find God鈥榮 peace and joy during this journey into motherhood, to help you draw closer to God and connect with Him in a deeper way.

If you鈥榬e ready to thrive through your pregnancy, hop on in, sit tight as we ride together into motherhood with Jesus at the wheel!

Hey, daughter of God, I鈥榤 Gladys and a mom of 2. I once was childless, hoping for a child, only to go through pregnancy losses again and again. I was wondering whether I would ever have a healthy baby. When I got pregnant with my firstborn son, I went through the entire pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum feeling stressed, fearful, and worried because of the past experiences.

Knowing that I would want to have more children, I was determined not to go through the same experience of being consumed by stress and fear. I sought God, prayed, read the Bible, read through many books and when I was pregnant again with my daughter, it was a huge difference from before. I overcame the stress and fears that came up, and I had God鈥榮 peace.

And that鈥榮 why I am here to share with you because I believe that children are a blessing and the evil one has come to kill, steal and destroy our joy and peace in the journey to motherhood. As daughters of God, Jesus has come that we may have abundant life and this abundant life is joy and peace in your pregnancy.

If you鈥榬e ready to overcome stress and fear in pregnancy and childbirth,

If it鈥榮 finally time to walk confidently in your identity as a daughter of God,

Get ready for a peaceful and joyful ride into motherhood when you discover truly who you are, and connect with your heavenly father in deeper ways.

I鈥榤 so excited to see you THRIVE and not just survive and journey with you into motherhood and beyond!

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The Christian Pregnancy Podcast - Childbirth, Postpartum, New Mom, Miscarriage, Healthy Pregnancy

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