The Level Up REI Podcast

Let’s face it when most people think of real estate investing it is generally to purchase maybe a single-family home, condo, duplex, triplex, flipping or maybe even wholesaling. However, the world of real estate investing is vast and varied and super exciting! Yes, the above-mentioned asset classes and investing strategies are possibilities but there are so many more!The Level Up REI podcast is the ultimate real estate investing podcast that is created to meet listeners where they are and provide them with endless opportunities to level up their real estate investing game and their life in general. This seasonal show will kick things off with interviews with real estate investors from across all asset classes and strategies to provide listeners with exposure to the different ways they can invest in real estate. We will also dive into the stories of how these investors got started, their successes and challenges, lessons learned and the advice they would give to individuals interested in following their footsteps. We will also have seasons that take a deeper dive into select investment strategies such as syndications, the BRRRR and select asset classes such as multifamily, assisted the living, retail, etc. These deeper dive seasons are meant to be more technical and detailed in nature as we drill into the specifics of executing various investing strategies for different asset classes.The host Lisa Hylton is a real estate investor that loves to learn, enjoys challenges, helping and inspiring others and values personal growth and nurturing and maintaining relationships. Lisa is an island girl who was raised in the Cayman Islands and studied accounting at the University of Georgia. Lisa has spent 10 years in public accounting and started in Grand Cayman then Boston and lastly Los Angeles. Her career has been in financial services and investment management. Despite growing up around real estate investing via my Parents’ example I never quite understood the value of it until I was hired to take care of Real Estate Funds. Then it clicked – I realized that you can definitely make money investing in real estate BUT you need to get educated and surround yourself with the right people because real estate is the ultimate team sport! Around this time I also read the infamous purple book – Rich Dad Poor Dad and the Cash Flow Quadrant and I have been hooked on learning and investing and building amazing teams of people around me and sharing with others what I have learned.The Level Up REI podcast is my contribution toward educating and inspiring people globally about the ways they can invest in Real Estate and create another stream of income for themselves and the people that matter to them! Through this podcast, I hope that millions of people are inspired to invest in real estate in a way that resonates with their unique way of being in the world – with this higher goal in mind I am driven to keep showing up for the millions of people who are seeking a new perspective outside of only trading time for money! So let’s start podcasting, sharing stories and providing opportunities to Level Up your Real Estate Investing Game!

The Level Up REI Podcast

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