The Meatgrinder: An Actual Play Limited Series

The Meatgrinder is an anthology actual play podcast where everyone dies… a lot. Three players at a time enter fantastical worlds, and every time a character dies they cycle out, and a new player joins the party. Each season runs approximately nine episodes, and is a self contained story.

The Meatgrinder uses the same RPG system as Stormwood & Associates (and either loosely or directly connected to its world). Season one was set in the United States of Aremesia, as a modern special ops team was dispatched to stop a zombie outbreak in a small, mountain town. Season two sees a group of “chosen one(s)” questing to defeat an evil wizard. The show updates on the fifteenth of the month. Season three takes us to a colony ship in the distant future, where something has gone terribly wrong.
The Meatgrinder: An Actual Play Limited Series

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