The Self-Aware Solopreneur Podcast

Do you want to create a conscious living with intentional actions that drive happiness, and increase self-confidence, flow, and momentum in life? If you’re a solopreneur or a professional transitioning as a career but feel stuck on autopilot and crave to do meaningful work, impact others, and connect with your authentic self, then the Self-Aware Solopreneur™ podcast is for you. Every other week I share insights, tips, and strategies about self-awareness, conscious living, authenticity, decision-making, building meaningful relationships, and much more. If you feel disconnected from your authentic self and have a genuine desire to do better then tune in as I aim to heighten the level of awareness so you can create a path to freedom. This podcast was created to be the voice for those who feel lost and disconnected from their authentic self. Are you ready to lead change through courage and get inspired to take action? Listen in. 

The Self-Aware Solopreneur Podcast

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