The She Births® Show Podcast

The She Births® Show is a place that will inspire your birth, evolve your parenting and help you live a life you love.

Nadine Richardson, founder of She Births®, hosts a collection of conversations with special guests about better births, a philosophy of connected parenting and conscious, healthy living.

Each season includes topics for not only parents and parents-to-be but fellow birth professionals.

She Births® is a scientifically verified childbirth education program (BMJ, July 2016). It combines evidence-based and holistic methods to provide families with the knowledge and skills that empower a better birth and easier transition into parenthood.

Founded in Sydney in 2008 by Nadine Richardson, Director of The Birthing Institute, She Births® is available as a Weekend Course in Australia and as an interactive Online Program accessed by many all over the world. Download the She Births® app and enjoy our free resources.

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The She Births® Show Podcast

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