The Sun, The Moon & The TRUTH

Welcome to The Sun, The Moon & The TRUTH podcast, a series of in-depth conversations that create space for messy, playful and challenging conversations about yoga and life and the places where the two meet.

Join us (Karina Guthrie and Natalie Backman, yogini鈥檚 and yoga teacher trainers) in our quest to understand yoga's role in uncovering the universal truths woven into the fabric of tradition, society and culture.

Speaking to well-rounded guests from the yoga community, we pull back the veil on eye-opening issues that exist in the yoga industry today.

In these vulnerable and thought-provoking conversations, you鈥檒l learn what inspired us to begin practicing and why we choose to devote ourselves to the practice everyday by living these teachings from the inside-out.

If you鈥檙e looking for a podcast that is spiritual and insightful whilst remaining empowering and inspiring, you鈥檒l want to add this to your list!
The Sun, The Moon & The TRUTH

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