The Tax Answers Advisor

The tax world is always revolving and changing. How does the taxpayer keep up with both individual tax and business tax changes? The year 2020 saw thousands of pages added to the tax code. We help our listeners to understand the importance of using a licensed, credentialed tax preparer, such as an Enrolled Agent (EA), to prepare their individual tax returns and their business tax returns. You will learn how a proactive approach to rapidly changing tax laws will help you to pay the least amount of income tax possible. You鈥檒l learn by working year-round with an Enrolled Agent. You can maximize both your tax deductions and your tax credits. Together we can help you create tangible strategies to achieve financial success and increase cash flow. By strategic planning and implementation, you can keep tax liability down in the future no matter what Congress does. The Tax Answers Advisor can be heard every Thursday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.
The Tax Answers Advisor

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