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Tangible tips and simple strategies for launching and growing a profitable podcast that grows your online business and personal brand.

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What if you could market your business in a way that takes LESS time but delivers MORE results?

Because marketing your business shouldn鈥檛 rely on social media algorithms showing your content to the right people, at the right time.

You started your business to transform lives, make a global impact and live a life of true freedom.

Not to be a content creator, forced to fit your unique message and thought leadership into 60-sec stories and talking head reels.

Hey, I'm Rosemarie! Single mom of one, Netflix-choc-oholic and corporate EA turned podcast launch strategist on a mission to educate women business owners just like YOU about leveraging podcasting to grow a business that works FOR them and supports their dream lifestyle.

The Podcast to Amplify Show is for you if you want to learn how a podcast can simplify your marketing, content creation, lead generation and so much more.

Each week I鈥檒l be spilling the beans on how you can create a podcast that isn鈥檛 another to-do on your list but actually, a strategic marketing tool for your business that positions you as a sought-after speaker and converts right-fit clients into your paid programs.

Hint: it鈥檚 all about having a solid podcast strategy that aligns with your business, core values and beliefs.

It鈥檚 time for you to amplify your voice, impact and income.

So grab your AirPods, open up your Notes app and let鈥檚 dive in.

Ready to launch your podcast? Take the quiz to learn your business podcast personality!

Connect with Rosemarie on Instagram @toobusytopodcast

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The Podcast To Amplify Show

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