Vegan Kids Nutrition

Have you ever wanted expert advice on how to feed your kids a vegan diet so that you can leave behind that little doubt in the back of your mind? Karla Moreno-Bryce, a vegan, Registered Dietitian, and a mom to a little girl, created the Vegan Kids Nutrition Podcast to give you tips and strategies on how to help you feel confident as a vegan parent. Each episode focuses on a specific topic that you may be struggling with, where Karla shares tips and strategies to help you feed your vegan kids with more confidence. You'll learn behind the scenes strategies of how Karla feeds her own daughter. This show is about sharing Karla's own philosophies, evidence-based nutrition information, and insights on raising kids on a vegan lifestyle to help you feel empowered of your choice and confident meeting their nutritional requirements. No matter where in your vegan journey you may be, you'll discover strategies you can implement right away to feel supported so that you can ultimately feel proud as a vegan parent and have peace of mind you're doing the right things with your meal planning.
Vegan Kids Nutrition

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