what i remember what i've learned

in this podcast i explore stories told by immigrants as they reveal their challenges of living a bilingual and multicultural life in their home away from home and what they have learned to move towards growth and betterment.i'm your host, mahsa emami, a poet, artist and architect who have been living more than half of my life here in united states. through architecture, i realized how much i can learn about people and their stories through the spaces they inhabit. through poetry, i learned how i can reach and touch others with my words. through this podcast i want to create empathy, compassion and unity. I created this podcast to connect with other immigrants and listen to their stories of sacrifices and bravery. I wanted to learn how they've overcome the cultural differences, the identity conflicts and how they were able to create happiness and success in their life. your support and feedback means the world to me so be sure to leave a comment, tell a friend and follow.
what i remember what i've learned

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