Who Holds Up Half the Sky

“Who Holds up Half the Sky” is an investigative podcast discussing the possibilities of advancing feminist activism in China under censorship and lack of free speech. Influential activist figures appear in China’s history from the Qing dynasty to the Maoist era with its famous quote: “Women Hold up Half the Sky”. But Chinese women have undergone much pressure from foot binding and arranged marriages to unequal pay and domestic violence. Over the years, I have dived deeper into issues of multiculturalism, social activism, and gender identities. This work defines my curiosity which stems from a continuous movement through distinct cultural spaces, which started in China.

You can read more about the podcast, and the research for it, as well as listen to the full interviews and the full-length podcast here: andreeacoscai.com/2020/09/09/sound-projects/

Cover art by Meaghan Paine
Mixing by Jullian Androkae
Who Holds Up Half the Sky

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