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Welcome to Work Better, the podcast where we think about work and ways to make it better. How we work has changed dramatically – regardless of where you work and on which days. Amid all this change, employees and a lot of organizations are challenging long-held assumptions about how people work, what work means and the places people work.
New global research shows in the last year people are really struggling. People’s productivity has dropped. So has their connection to company culture and work-life balance. In the U.S., engagement is down significantly. And the likelihood of someone to leave their job in the next six months is way up.
It’s a complicated world at work right now. We know employees are more empowered – but a lot of headlines say “the boss is back in charge.” And wellbeing is more of a focus at work as people re-evaluate how work fits into their lives.
It’s time to move the conversation beyond who’s doing hybrid work and when. Let’s explore how work is changing and how to make it better. We’re going to talk about topics like hybrid work, the impact on leadership, how to rebuild and improve our relationships, balancing privacy and collaboration, the future of the office, ideas to engage people, creating inclusive workplaces, and how to create a culture of learning.
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Work Better

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Why We Need Joy at Work

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