You Shoulda Been There

In a remarkable stretch from the mid-1990's to the early 2000's, a relatively small group of people started playing around with this thing called the World Wide Web, trying to make sense of what it was all about.

Rather than being pure technologists, the people came from multidisciplinary backgrounds and were geeky enough to understand the tech, but creative enough to bring the tech to life. This mishmash of curious, driven humanity created the very first popular web sites and online media properties, and started some of the first and most successful digital agencies of the day.

The world of the World Wide Web was relatively small, and while competition was fierce, they all knew they were lucky enough to be creating something that was way bigger than any of them.

Hosted by Kyle Shannon who co-founded AGENCY.COM in 1995 and Ritesh Patel, who served as VP of Technology there, this project introduces you to the OG players from those hallowed days, and lets them tell you what it was like, and how... You Shoulda Been There!

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You Shoulda Been There

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