Your App Lady

Do you love apps and technology? Or are you a little intimidated by them? Your App Lady is here to help! This podcast delivers easy to digest, small chunks of tech information and incredibly usable apps that will improve聽your life.

This podcast is archived. Please join me on my new podcast - For All Abilities. For All Abilities -The Podcast is meant to inform the world of the amazing people out there who are succeeding in HUGE ways with brains who don鈥檛 find into the imaginary norm. While developing software to help businesses support their employees with , dyslexia, autism and learning differences, I was continually shocked to find out how many people were ashamed or felt less than due to these conditions. I vowed to change the way the world sees cognitive differences and the podcast was born.
Join me, your host - Betsy Furler, as I interview people living great lives with ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Differences, Autism and other cognitive differences.
Your App Lady

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