Your Car Insiders

Your Car Insiders was created to be your personal advocate through your car buying experience. We will find the best price for your chosen vehicle, the highest price possible for your trade if applicable and sit with you through the finance process. Our service is unique in that we are with you throughout every phase of your purchase from beginning to end, from the initial “Hello” handshake to the final “Congratulations and enjoy your new car!” handshake. You deserve to understand, be comfortable with and be in control of every step of your vehicle purchase.

We sincerely care about people and want to use our decades of experience and knowledge to help you make the best decision for you and your family. Let us be Your Car Insiders!

Your Car Insider Hosts:
Dana Southern
[email protected]

Gary Green
Managing Partner
[email protected] - NEW LINK FOR THE SHOW
Show Partners:
Precision Auto Care

David R. Farney, PLC

Cobblestone Auto Spa AZ

Precision Dealer Services

Towne Jewelers

Monte Vista Dry Cleaners
Your Car Insiders

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