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In 2007, Los Angeles’ Little Red Lung was seeded as a dramatic, dynamic and genre-defying musical exhibition, performing in small avant-garde venues across the city of Los Angeles, as well as assembling an extended arsenal of recorded material. In 2009, the band began a two year transplant to the foothills of East Tennessee, stirring the production pot that would eventually emerge as their debut full-length album “Get on the Boat.” After an extensive Eastern US tour in the Fall of 2010, they permanently transplanted back to their home stomping ground to form a new lineup, and begin hatching a second full-length album, and to nose dive into the live music scene.

Currently, Little Red Lung is rapidly filling up their calendar with live performances in and around the Los Angeles area including being featured on the Ship Stage at the 13th Annual Eagle Rock Music Festival, and venues such as The Satellite, Pehrspace, The Echo, Hotel Cafe, and The Central SAPC, as well as completing production on their second full length album. In addition, they are currently filming a series of stop motion music videos for their first full-length album “Get on the Boat.” They plan to release the videos and the album as a special addition double disk package in early 2012.

“A very sophisticated blend of programmed beats, keyboards, strings and expressive, imaginatively phrased vocals, Little Red Lung presents that rarity, a totally individual, completely coherent artistic vision. They really don’t sound like anyone else, although there are moments when a hint of something shines through, a whiff of Portishead or a distant rumble of Suzanne Vega… Excellent stuff throughout.” - Live Unsigned