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Meadow Island

After a decade of working on metal-edged modern rock with his band SARA, Joa recognized a need to express himself on a platform completely removed from his usual distorted surroundings. Meeting Jenni instantly guided the way to a place where no previously limiting rules existed, and where the duo was able to let the music flow out naturally, without any boundaries of old. The resulting body of work is all about songs and stories that sound and feel like something created within a pressure-free, comforting environment. It was always there, the other side of Joa’s musical intuition, but obviously needed a push in Jenni’s presence to come out. Often reminiscient of the sound of Hazlewood/Sinatra or Lanegan/Campbell, the dark and melancholic vocals of Joa and the fragile beauty of Jenni’s high register together sound like something that was always meant to grow into one.

The debut release from Meadow Island - a full-length album - will be out in 2010. Also, the band is likely to perform live at selected venues around Finland, accompanied with additional musicians - stay tuned for more information.