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Rest In Peace is a Punk/metal/HC band from České Budějovice Czech Republic, formed in July 2003. Original members were Milan Líbal (vocals), Vojtěch Šulc (solo guitar), Otakar Nechvátal (rythmic guitar), Tomáš Nechanický (drums) and Michal Brom (bass guitar). Different situations in the band, compeled 3 of original members to leave. They are known for their live-crazy shows.In This time the band plays new music.At now RIP are Edita Čechová(vocals),Vojtěch Šulc(solo guitar,vocals),Otakar Nechvátal(rythmic guitar),Milan Líbal(bass),Míra Fink(drums)


French heavy-metal band formed in Grenoble in 1996.