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Recluse from the lime lights of large city music scenes dwells Saving One on the Mississippi River waiting for the Universal yacht to pull up any minute with a large PA system and a crowd to row them down the street to the islands which lay out in the turquoise tropics in which the Mississippi spits. Saving One is a quintet that doesn’t have a specific order of instruments or particular line up of talents. Saving One is unique and full of random switches when performing live. Unpredictable ignition with the composition of songs compressing the soul pistons of the human engine with unrehearsed habañero performance tricks. Saving One is a reality of multi-talented musicians that enjoy life as it changes day to day while playing and recording music that gets the greatest response from their friends and fans.

Before reaching one year of uniting, Saving One has propelled through the mouths of many, ears tuning in from random places, and creating a loyal listening party. In the turmoil of today’s music industry, Saving One has accomplished crushing statistics on the people’s choice for music, Myspace. In the amount of time that it takes to conceive and deliver a child Saving One has over a quarter million profile views, averages 3,500 plays per day, and all with under 11,000 friends. If Myspace and the world of music were all about a healthy Music Industry, Saving One’s cyber statistics would put them up against the egotistical bands of the large city music scenes with their first performance sending an imploding thud in the chest of the many so called musicians that are dressed like an AP poster band.

Hidden beneath the radar, Saving One is a stealth bomber in plain daylight screaming the skies with the finger on the trigger seeking unique A&R souls to unload their nuclear talent during a showcase. Saving One’s members trade weaponry, and brawl with samurai tactics of musical kung fu on stage impressing even the newest audience. Comprised of Kevin Beck and Brian Karlstad leaders of anguished demons battling for guitar hero riffs, «he who wins with the most whips wins». Eric Swanson war percussion, David Puente master chef of bass ingredients feeding the troops with vocal aggression, Brooks Bohmbach secures the 360 degree perimeter as a master of lyrical content and harmony, forming in 2007 Saving One is the most epic undiscovered Midwest rock band of 2008.


Rock Metal Alternative


Eric Swanson, Brooks Bohmbach, Brian Karlstad, Kevin Beck, Dave Puente

Родной город:

Minneapolis MN

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Текущее местонахождение:

Minneapolis, MN