New Jersey Compound - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

NJC (New Jersey Compound) is a Hip Hop / Wicked Shit camp out of Central New Jersey dedicated to constructing / promoting quality music for all who live, eat, and breathe Hip Hop culture, in hopes to provoke critical thinking and self awareness within fans through logic and comedic relief. Aggressive work ethics combined with a true sense of unity between fans and other artists alike has allowed them to shine far beyond your average click of rappers, bringing a much needed breath of fresh air to our beloved underground scene.

With next to no exposure outside of Central Jersey aside from underground media outlets such as,, and East Side Ninjas Radio, NJC has started to make serious advances towards establishing their position within the underground community, and will not stop until they achieve the goals they’ve set out to accomplish. The party has just begun people! Sit back, recline, and enjoy the ride =)

Much Love!