Party Fun Action Committee - біографія, альбоми, пісні, кліпи

Stephen Richardson and Lars Haighmael originally met at North Dakota State University, in a music business theory class. Lars went on to become an AR executive at Bring Da Ruckus Records out ofNew York City. Stephen, a recently unemployed music entrepreneur was inNew York scouting acts for his future endeavors. One day in October, Lars asked his old friend Stephen to helphim go through some demo tapes, in an attempt to revitalize the rap roster at Bring Da Ruckus Records. Some of the tapes they listened to were by:

-Flohammed Ali, featuring Jamello, two New Yorkrappers who are radio friends with a street edge. They are very proud of their extensive throwback collection.

-Two of the Brothers from Alpha Pi Kappa fraternity, The Marksta andChad, who decided to turn their rush week speech into a demo tape. Their influences include House of Pain, Bob Marley, The Dave Matthews Band, and Beer.

-A.B.C.D.E.F.Geee, and RnB group hailing from the windy city. They are known for their seductive vocal stylings and are the self professed “Kings of the slow jam.”

-The Mythical Knights of the Visual Roundtable, are an underground hip-hop quartet from the mean streets of Wyoming. They met online in 2001, in a chat room. Since that time they have recorded 2,876 demo songs and have admittedly “Locked Down” Wyoming.

-Tony Simon and Jeremy Gibson, two friends who met in little league, have seen a number of acquaintances some and go in their lives, and decided to write a song reminiscing about it. Known for their political awareness and extensive book collections, the two have been working tirelessly for eight years on their comedic opus.

Hopefully that day’s AR meeting will bring good luck to Bring Da Ruckus records and their aspirations to take the rap world by storm and bury their biggest rival, Def Jux!

The Party Fun Action Committee is the brainchild of its two founding members, Blockhead and Jer. Both Blockhead and Jer were born and raised inNew York City, and have extensive musical backgrounds. The two also collaborated on “The Baby Show”, a popular cable access program that ran in New York City for more than four years. It was from their days of writing sketch comedy and performing improv on “The Baby Show” that Blockhead and Jer’s comic pairing began.

Blockhead may be best know for his production on Aesop Rocks critically acclaimed albums, “Float”, “Labor Days” and “Daylight.” More recently he has been keeping himself busy by producing beats for Aesop’s upcoming album, as well as a variety of hip-hop artists including, Murs, Slug, Mike Ladd, and many more. Blockhead also recently signed a recording deal with Ninja Tune records, where he will release his first solo project, an instrumental LP, due out at the end of the year.

Jeremy Gibson, also known as Jer, has been around music his whole life. The son of a dancer and a professional musician, Jeremy attendedNew York City’s High School for the Performing Arts, where he studied music. Besides his production and performing work with the Party Fun Action Committee, Jer is also a member of a band called The Squares, where he showcases his musical prowess on the drums, guitar and keyboards.

With the Party Fun Action Committee, Blockhead and Jer unite their greatest talents, music and comedy. Their combination of experiences in both fields set the stage for a hilariously wild ride into the world of hip-hop by way of parody, courtesy of the Party Fun Action Committee.