6 Things you should know about Cardiff as an international student

6 Things you should know about Cardiff as an international student

1Offering a vibrant atmosphere and a lot of activities to explore and do, Cardiff makes a perfect student city. There are many beautiful parks and gardens where you can relax and enjoy your time alone and with friends as well. The city also has many art, music, theatre and sports venues. Many bars, cafes and restaurants are present in the city which facilitates you to taste a varied cuisine from across the globe. You can also have a taste of the traditional Welsh food here. Apart from this being one of the main reasons why Cardiff attracts students, it also provides strong transport links which connect the city well with other parts of Wales and England. The city also provides several student accommodation alternatives for students allowing them to choose the best.

Things you must know about Cardiff

1) Best universities in Cardiff

Cardiff houses three higher education institutions namely Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales. Cardiff University is the best university in the city. Spending money on studying at this university is worth it as it offers highly regarded programmes and courses. Cardiff University is also a member of the Russell Group of leading research-led universities. While the other two universities- Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales are also renowned as they provide facilities for research, a wide range of courses and have diverse student populations.

2) Cardiff University

Established in the year 1883, Cardiff University is also the third oldest university in Wales. With a large number of student enrolment, the university has earned the reputation of being one of te ten largest universities in the UK. Physical Sciences and Engineering, Biomedical and Life Sciences & Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are the main faculties offered by the university. The university also has a few well-ranked branches under its name including the Cardiff Business School and Cardiff School of Engineering. The university has produced some of the world’s great personalities like Barham Salih (former Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan Region) and Richard Tait (BBC Governor). For many students, the entire living costs of the university may be quite high, but students can work for the scholarships offered by the university. Scholarships are one of the best ways through which you can meet the living cost of the university.

3) Cardiff Metropolitan University

Founded in the year 1865, Cardiff Metropolitan University is a public university in Cardiff. The university offers degrees in the field of business, economics, arts, fashion, communications, and law. The degrees offered by this university are globally recognised. The university has three campuses– the Cyncoed Campus, the Llandaff Campus, and the Plas Gwyn Residential Campus which house students from across the world. The Cyncoed Campus of the university offers the best sporting facilities to its students. The scholarships and bursaries programs are the trademark features of the Cardiff Metropolitan University. Through the scholarship programmes, the university offers financial aid to students who can’t typically afford the tuition fees. The Elite Sport Scholar Award and the Carers Bursary are some of the main scholarships provided by the Cardiff Metropolitan University.

4) University of Wales

The oldest university in Wales is the University of Wales. It is an accredited institution in Wales that offers study schemes at over 130 centres in the UK and around the world. The university also operates a highly successful research centre- the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies.

5) Affordable housing options for students

The city has many affordable accommodation options which are suitable for students on a tight budget. The average cost of Student Accommodation Cardiff rent is much lower in comparison to other cities in the UK, and you will also find it to be much cheaper than in London.

6) Best places to live in Cardiff

Students in Cardiff are not only restricted to education. The city has a number of favourable options when it comes to the best neighbourhoods to live in Cardiff. Students can find several housing alternatives here including university halls, dormitories, private Cardiff accommodation and Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA). Many renowned student accommodation providers have student properties which are affordable, located close to the top universities. You can easily book the best suited accommodation option. Here, we have named a few of the best Cardiff student accommodations from which you can opt one for your stay.  

  • Bridge Street Exchange
  • The Neighbourhood
  • Eclipse
  • Shand House

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