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7раса (7th race) is an alternative rock band from Moscow, and consists of lead vocalist, guitarist, and lyricist Саша Растич (Sasha Rastich), guitarist Роман Хомутский (Roman Homutskij), bass guitarist Егор Подтягин (Egor Podtjagin) and drummer Егор Юркевич (Egor Jurkevich). The band was formed in 1997 in Moscow, Russia, and since then it has become one of the most famous bands of the Russian alternative music. The band has released four studio albums so far, Первый Круг (The First Circle, 2003), Качели (Swings, 2004), Иллюзия Майя (Maya Illusion, 2006), and CODA (2008). In a May 2009 interview, Sasha Rastich has confirmed that the band’s working on new material while touring in support for their last album. Their first two albums had a post-grunge sound, with lyrics depicting problems of youth. Most of the lyrics for the first two albums were written by Rastich in the 90-s, when he still was in his young ages. The third album showed a matured lyrical direction and a departure from their earlier heavy grunge sound. The lyrics direction was somewhat changes as well, now devoted to social problems. The band was formed in autumn 1997, based on Rastich’s previous project, К.О.C. (K.O.S., Firearm Compassion Team), when he was joined by the drummer Сергей Яценко (Sergei Yatsenko). A bit later, the former guitarist of the band Hangover, Константин Чалых (Konstantin Chalikh) also joined the band. By the time the 99’ demo record was recorded, the band had the following lineup:Sasha Rastich – vocals, guitar Konstantin Chalikh - guitar Maxim Kozakov – bass guitar Petr Tambriev – drums In summer 1999, the band met Егор Подтягин (Egor Podtjagin), the soon-to-be bass guitarist of the band. The picture was completed in 2000, when Сергей Говорун (Sergei Govorun) changed Petr Tambriev as the new drummer. From 2000 to 2008 the band’s lineup was invariable:Sasha Rastich – vocals, guitar Konstantin Chalikh - guitar Egor Podtjagin – bass guitar Sergei Govorun – drums All current albums of the band were written with this lineup. Some time after the second album, Swings, was released in 2004, Konstantin Chalikh and Sergei Govorun have decided to revive their old project, Мои Ракеты Вверх. 7th Race and Moj Raketi have managed to successfully co-exist up to 2008, when it became apparent for both guitarist and drummer that they couldn’t fully devote themselves to both bands because of crowded tour schedules. After CODA was mastered in autumn 2008, both Chalikh and Govorun have left the band. They’ve been changed by guitarist Роман Хомутский (Roman Homutskij) and drummer Егор Юркевич (Egor Jurkevich), forming the current lineup:Sasha Rastich – vocals, guitar Roman Homutskij - guitar Egor Podtjagin – bass guitar Egor Jurkevich – drums Official website: http://7paca.ru