«A'LETZA» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

A’LETZA is a visual kei-band formed 2011 in Japan. They held their first live in 2011/12/31. A’LETZA play a heavy rock mixed with clean vocals. The band consists of vocalist 伽維-kai-, guitarist 迅-zin-, bassist 梓姫-azuki- and drummer カナタ-kanata-.

Member history:

Vo.伽維-kai- (ex-Cell*June→ bellberry → MAYBEE CRAZEE → ァゥル弐世 → [REM] → Rosalie)

Gt.迅-zin- (ex-Vip Link → Schwein)

Ba.梓姫-azuki- (ex-TearLace)

Dr.カナタ-kanata- (ex-DerSchwarz (support))