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Alex Luna (born Alexander Tyshchenko, March 2, 1986) is a Ukrainian countertenor singer.

Biography and career

Alexander Tyshchenko was born on March 2, 1986 in Okhotsk, Khabarovsk Krai (Russian Federation). His father Viktor worked as the Head of the Fire Safety of Maritime Fisheries Port. Mother Fania Masgutovna studied at the College of Arts in Ufa Pedagogical Institute, Far Eastern Art Institute (Vladivostok), Department of Academic Vocal. She worked at the Opera and Ballet Theatre by N.Sabitova in Ufa. In Okhotsk she worked as the Head of the Personnel Administration of the village and conducted the home studio of operetta culture. Alex has an older brother Vladimir. In 1995 he moved to Bakhmach (Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine) with his family, and later in 1999 to Kiev.

He graduated Kiev Glier institute of music in 2005.

In 2003, Alexander Zlotnik cast Alex for one of the leading parts in the first Ukrainian big budget musical Equator which appeared to be start point for many famous singers (there were Svetlana Loboda, Tina Karol, Vasiliy Bondarchuk, Vasiliy Lazarovych in the main cast).

Alex Luna signed his first professional contract with production center Catapult music in 2007. His first album Svet Luny (English: Moon Light) was released in December 2008. The album included not only his new compositions, but also classic songs performed by Alex (Breakfast at Tiffany's theme, Ave Maria etc.). However the album didn’t receive appropriate feedback in Ukraine, since it was different from current music market. Nevertheless it earned successes in Germany, Norway and Switzerland.

The album and his third video were presented in Kiev City Hall. The video for Moon Light song was directed and shot by Angel Gracia, famous for his work with Madonna and Enigma.

Legendary composer and founder of Italian disco Claudio Simonetti was impressed by Alex’s unique voice. Maestro was searching appropriate singer who could perform in unusual and mistrerious music style of Simonetti. After composer heard voice of young Ukrainian talent Alex Luna, he rushed to Kiev to meet the singer in person.

Alex participated in 10 most prestigious performances in the music world: Gala AIDS Berlin, Leipzig Opera Ball, Dresden Opera Ball, Charity Ball of Almaty, the Viennese Carnival, Tokyo Prestige Hall etc.

The singer performs with children chorus on annual New Years’ eve ball in Kiev every year.

In 2009 Alex Luna received the Person of the Year award. Having attractive look, Alex appeared on several magazine covers (10 Days magazine, What’s On, Gallery magazine, Beauty and business, Jewellery business magazine). He was also shoot for Elle Ukraine, L'Officiel Ukraine, Story magazine etc. Alex participated in fashion shows during UFW and became the face of Lugaru Fashion House.

His artistic name Alex Luna was created by Angel Gracia while shooting Moon Light video. Alex moved to Germany in 2010 for work.


Alex was one of the Ukrainian singers who participated in charity auction held at Kiev Disco Radio Hall in 2008. The event aimed to collect money for ill children who live and study at boarding school in Babanka town (Uman Raion).

He also collaborated with 18 years old Mariam Reyentenko, who was taking care of the Lyubystok orphanage. Alex invited children to his album presentation event in December 2008 and supported Mariam in educating children.

In September 2011 Alex Luna took part in Anti AIDS campaign, organized by Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare. He performed his single Heavens with Vlada Crystal at the event held as part of the campaign.

He also performed at Third Presidential Charity Ball in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and on the opening of 10th Gala AIDS Ball in Berlin (Germany)


  • 2007 — "Moonlight" (director — Angel Gracia)
  • 2008 — "Night" (director — Yevgeniy Timokhin)
  • 2008 — "Ruki k nebesam" (English: Hands to Heavens) (director — Alexey Fedosov).
  • 2010 — "Nebesa" (English: Heavens)


  • 2008 — Svet Luny (English: Moon Light)


  • 2007 — "Moon light"
  • 2008 — "Night"
  • 2008 — "Ruki k nebesam" (English: Hands to Heavens)
  • 2009 — "Mystery night"
  • 2010 — "Nebesa" (English: Heavens)


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