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Ambrosia has been the name of at least four artists:1. Ambrosia was a California, United States band formed by David Pack (guitars, vocals), Christopher North (keyboards), Burleigh Drummond (drums) and Joe Puerta (bass, vocals). On their self-titled LP in 1974, they blended quirky progressive rock with lush harmonies and scored hits with the offbeat song Nice, Nice, Very Nice and the ballad Holdin’ on to Yesterday. Their subsequent albums focussed more and more on the pop ballads and less and less on the progressive elements, and while they had some success with singles, they called it quits after 1982’s Road Island. Ambrosia re-formed in the late 90s and continue to tour and enterain their fans. A live CD Live at the Galaxy was released in 2002, and they are currently recording a new studio album that long time fans are hoping will be released in 2009.2. Ambrosia was a hardcore punk band formed in 2005 in Valmiera, Latvia. Ambrosia has performed many concerts around Latvia and Estonia area and became one of the best-known newcomers to the Latvian hardcore scene. Their music is also included on music compilation Latvian Hardcore Punk Volume 5. The band split up in September 2011.The last lineup: Andrejs Makarēvičs - vocals; Jānis Osis - vocals, guitar; Rūdolfs Rūtenbergs - guitar; Uldis Andersons - bass guitar (currently Marmöri); Miks Riekstiņš - drums (currently Marmöri, GhettoZloba).http://www.myspace.com/ambrosiaambrosia3. Ambrosia was formed in summer 2008 by Adnan Čikotić and Hana Hadžajlić, who wanted to play brutal death metal. Soon Adnan Muratović and Hana’s brother joined the band. After few rehearsals Hana’s brother left the band and we had to seek for another drummer. In a few months the band had changed few drummers who played on the concerts. Later Edin Čehović joined as a second guitar player, and Boris Uložnik replaced Hana.http://www.myspace.com/ambrosiabosna4. Ambrosia is an emo metal and hardcore band from Prague, Czech Republic.http://www.dobrynapad.cz/ambrosia