«Artesia» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Artesia is a neoclassical darkwave group founded in 2001 in Pleubian, France by Agathe M. (keyboards, vocals). Her first recording, “L’éveil de l’âme”, was recorded in June 2003, but the sound quality was poor and it couldn’t be distributed. Gaëlle D. (violin) joined the band in September 2003 and it was the beginning of an adventure. Together they composed the demo “L’aube morne”, recorded by Loïc C. (from the band Belenos) and released in November 2004. In December 2005, Artesia signed a deal with Prikosnovenie, a French label specialized in dark atmospheric music. The first album “Hilvern” was released in February 2006; in June 2007 they released their second album, “Chants d’Automne” (Loïc C. played guitar and percussion on both albums). In 2008 the line-up changes: Gaëlle leaves the band for personal reasons, Loïc C. becomes a real member and Coralie L.-C., a young violinist, joins them too. “Llydaw”, the third album is out in February 2009. In September 2009, former member Gaëlle decided to come back in Artesia whereas Coralie (who played the violin on “Llydaw”) left the band. In December 2011 they released their fourth album “Wanderings” with the help of Jean-Charles Wintrebert (orchestrations and mix). Official website: http://www.artesia-wanderings.com