«Asia 2001» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Asia 2001 is a goa trance music project from France. Behind Asia 2001 is Gilbert Thevenet AKA Martin Cooper, a known pioneer on the electronic scene. Asia 2001’s style is melodic trance, and he aims to produce strong, atmospheric music. Martin Cooper is also known as Loren-X, and had in the past released albums on R&S, Polygram, F-Com and Distance. Martin Cooper established Trans Pact Productions in 1992 with his wife Thaisha. Trans Pact has released numerous singles and albums, including Spectral’s 'Trance O 10 C', which was followed by the release “Goa Exit”, Transwave’s first single.

Asia 2001 collaborated with DJ Anti (Spiral Trax) in 1995 and produced the first Toires album in 1996. The breakthrough came with the release ‘Lunar Attraction’ on the label Koyote. In 1997, Asia 2001 was signed to Avatar Records and released the albums 'Ama Zone' and 'Dreamland'. Both albums were licensed by Sony Music in South East Asia. In 2001, Asia 2001 released a 12 inch EP 'X-Ray', followed by the album 'Abduction'. The album 'Amnesia' (double CD) was released in 2005. The album includes re-mastered rare works and singles.

Asia 2001 has performed live all over Europe, including Berlin’s Love Parade, Israel, USA and Canada. He played in New York’s legendary clubs like the Limelight and Tunnel, with appearances and stage sharing with leading artists including Carl Cox, Robert Leiner, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Miles and Jennifer Lopez.


  • Live (Trans'pact Productions 1996)
  • RA (Trans'pact Productions 1996)
  • Strange World (Trans'pact Productions 1996)
  • Psykadelia (Trans'pact Productions 1997)
  • Ama Zone (Avatar Records 1998)
  • Dreamland (Avatar Records 2000)
  • Abduction (Avatar Records 2001)
  • Amnesia (Avatar Records 2005)
  • Contact (Avatar Records 2013)