«Awaking the Fallen» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Alex Downs - Vocals

Jesse Girardi - Guitar

Kevin Kerr - Drums

Paul Williams- Bass

Along the I-17 amidst the old warehouse district of central Phoenix you will find Awaking the Fallen, the Phoenix based four piece dedicated to bringing back the beauty of simplicity with their dominating sound and intense live performances that are second to none. From the blood curdling screams of songs like “The Human Race” and “Heart Break” to the bone chilling melodies of “Lethal Dose of Suicide” and “Delirium” they have a set list as diverse as the city that brought them to life. Hard hitting melodies, crushing choruses and sudden changes all add to the intensity that this band has captured in their songs. The passion that brought them together has produced their first album “Heartbreak?” featuring ten solid tracks that now fuel the fire the keeps pushing them to the next level. Already back to work on new songs and looking to release their next album some time mid 2008 these local rockers show no sighs of slowing down!