«Axone» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

There are at least two artists with this name:

1. A recording alias for Hungarian electronic musician Robert Laklovits

2. A recording alias for Somnambulant Records head Chris Donovan

Yr. Robert Lalkovits - Axone who was born on February 19, 1977

is a Hungarian songwriter and record producer and international electronic &

mixed ensemble music composer.

His current musicial and helper partner’s:

Gabor Fekete - Blackeye (Hungary) and Tibor Ölvety - Dj.Ölvety (Hungary).

They’re together created by: Axone Productions.

First common album title’s: Miami Forever

Album Year: 2006

Music titles include: Electonic Birds, I Love You, Journey The Amtrak, Miami, She’s All Wonderful.


2. Chris Donovan, head of Somnambulant Corpse records, who also recorded under the name Kuru. Two confirmed releases:

(a) Casus Belli (2002, EP)

(b) Night of Deliverance (2003, EP, split with kNOw)”