«Barren Waste» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Barren Waste started in a dank, cramped basement in the winter of 2011. Four men gathered weekly, striving to create something different. They quickly releasing their Divine Intervention EP in April 2011, which was met with muted but positive responses. Knowing Alex would be absconding to college soon, the men quickly went ahead writing more material and playing handfuls of random shows. Like a mold feasting and growing on detritus, Barren Waste pulled more influences into their music. It became less a shot-gun splatter of sound and more a unified blair. This was showcased on their second EP Dreaming In Aeons, which was released in October 2011. After 6 hurried months, the beast shut down for a bit.

In December 2011, Rich left the band. This left the band without a practice space and a drummer. A replacement was considered, but instead Barren Waste decided to do away with live drums for now. This has allowed them to mesh more noise and industrial elements into their potent grindcore. Expect a full length soon.