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Free tracks can be downloaded at their offical website, www.battlingdelirium.com.

Inspired by the acidic levity of LSD and the coughs from the forever-growing Mother Mary Jane, Battling Delirium was born in 1998. “Naturaldelia” was self-released nearly a decade later.

Singer/Musician, Andrew Overstreet, keeps the music dark and curious with tapered intros and endless track body. His inspiration is forever clear but the music is undeniably unique. Andrew started this wild adventure in 1997 as a couch-hopping, jobless and drugged out teen. His drug influences kept him below conformity, while taking him above and beyond sober artistry. Andrew quotes, “I didn’t trip because I wanted to get fucked up, I did it to experience my minds full creative potential without the distractions of real life.”

In 2005, After fiddle-farting around with multiple band members, writing hundreds of lyrics, firing a manager and telling a label to fuck off, Andrew decided he’d go it alone. Andrew released “Naturaldelia” to the public on October 7, 2007; his birthday. It didn’t take long for the public hear to follow. Even with no label, no manager and no backing of any kind, Andrew managed to sell over 1,000 copies (CD and Download) in less than a year.

Now, with the public’s attention, Battling Delirium hopes to bring it’s next project to the table with new members of the band. Michael Poling, drummer, boast complete promise to the skeletal structure of the music. Inspired by Battling Delirium’s endless compositions, Michael bought Andrew’s late father’s (Gary Overstreet) drum set. Amazingly enough, in his first audition, Michael overwhelmed Andrew; beating measures from Closer, Omnipresent and Chakra completly by ear. Other talented musicians have shown promise though there names are not yet to be released. Andrew hopes the band will progress, before 2009, to record and release “Super Psychedelic Love Songs For The Dark Hearted,” an album in the works. “Locust,” featuring Michael Poling as the drumme, was released on October 7th, 2008. The CD started it’s mastering and production phase September 10, 2008.

Battling Delirium now provides all albums FREE of charge to you wonderful listeners.Well, the MP3 albums are free…CDs cost money to make, so if you are one of those geriatric types that still collects CDs you’ll have to buy from Amazon. All albums come complete with tracks and artwork. There is even a little disclaimer for those commercial guys out there wanting to, or that already do, broadcast the songs. Sorry, but you still have to pay royalties for that. For everyone else, enjoy.

Why would they do this? Because they can. Most bands out there crave money, fame and rarely ever give back to the fans. Battling Delirium doesn’t seem to care about either fame or fortune. “We do, however, care about our listeners and what they think of us. Of course, we do have inevitable monetary constraints such as: shows/venues, cost of physical merchandise, equipment and booze; and then there’s the commercial use/broadcast royalties that we happily accept. As far as you great listeners and as far as the MP3s are concerned, take ‘em,” explains Andrew.

Battling Delirium consist of: Andrew Overstreet (Vocals), Michael Poling (Drums/Percussion), Marshall Mears (Guitars) as well as several hired musicians for stage performance.