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The Beef Barons - that’s original, handmade and long-aged bluesy rock’n’roll with a shot of punk rock on the side.

These five guys have been hangin’ together for years while playin’ in their own bands. And after a long night of drinkin’, they decided to rock out together - as an original band that was simply about playin’ that hard ass rock’n’roll music they always wanted to hear themselves.

None of the “watered down”, so-called “rock”, played by MTV to please the masses, but rather a sophisticated arrangement of booze-fueled energy made to please the real rock’n’roll fans.

Today the Beef Barons are definitely a ray of hope in the glut of average punk’n’roll bands and everybody who has ever experienced their powerful stage presence knows:

The Beef Barons are the real deal for every true rock fanatic.