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Gangster rap is defined as a sub genre in hip-hop that reflects violence and urban crime of the inner city youth. From a sky view this would be a good synopsis but at eye level it more closely resembles an audio version of the nightly news. In Alabama, everything from police brutality to inadequate schoolings can go unheard of, relying solely on the people to educate one another.

This voice is Bentley. Being haled as the “Intelligent Hoodlum”, his music paints graphic depictions of reality with the finesse of an undergraduate’s thesis paper.

Bentley, born Benjamin Oakley II, was raised in Florence Alabama. His city is well known for two things: being home to the father of the blues W.C. Handy & crooked police. This sets the tone of his music having laid back instrumentation accompanied by gritty lyricism that explains the cause & effects of everyday life choices.

Bentley first surfaced with his childhood friends in a group called FTP, which stood for “Fuck The Police”, mainly talking about surviving the pressures that bombard young men in the ghetto. This caught the attention of a well-known street veteran Geoffrey Robinson, or as you all may know him “G Mane”. Eager to leave one life in exchange for another, Bentley would follow G Mane on the road as a videographer, hype man, carrying DJ equipment… doing whatever it took to get away from the street life that had claimed so many of his close friends and family…the same life he was becoming wrapped up in. This would eventually lead to becoming part of the Slow Motion Soundz family that is home to Kristmas, Slash, G Mane, Zilla, G-Side, & production team Block Beattaz. After garnering critical praise for several standout feature verses as well as participating in the group project from DB49, Bentley is now prepping his first solo mixtape entitled Bootlegs & B-Sides.