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Blinker the Star is a Canadian indie rock band, originally from Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. Band leader Jordon Zadorozny is known for having cowritten songs with Courtney Love. Other notable musicians that have appeared on Blinker the Star albums include one of Jordon's childhood heroes Lindsey Buckingham, Leland Sklar, Ken Andrews, and many others.


After their first release, they moved to Montreal. On the strength of favourable reviews for their self-titled independent debut in 1993, which featured complex, hard guitar pounding riffs mixed with softer, melancholy based tracks, the band released two albums on major labels in the United States, and was widely promoted as a potential "next big thing" in alternative rock. However, the genre's commercial appeal was already beginning to fade when the band's major label debut, A Bourgeois Kitten, was released in 1996. Consequently, commercial success never materialized for the band. However, songs from the 1999 release August Everywhere, particularly "Below the Sliding Doors", enjoyed considerable airplay on Canadian radio stations such as 102.1 The Edge; the album was number 89 on The Edge's top 102 albums of 1999. After being dropped from DreamWorks Records, the band re-emerged in 2003 with Still in Rome. Following this release, the band went on hiatus for nearly a decade, then returned with the album We Draw Lines in the spring of 2012.


  • Blinker the Star (Treat & Release, 1993)
  • A Bourgeois Kitten (A&M Records, 1996)
  • August Everywhere (Dreamworks Records, 1999)
  • Still in Rome (Maple Nationwide Records, 2003)
  • We Draw Lines (Nile River Records, 2012)
  • Songs From Laniakea Beach (Nile River Records, 2013)

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