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After two full U.S. tours, BLUETIP enlisted the production guidance of Ian MacKaye to recorded their debut album, “Dischord No.101” (released 06.96 on Dischord Records). More touring followed, leading the band through the U.S., Europe, and Japan. BLUETIP strengthened their songwriting while keeping the melodic vs. dissonance high-energy style their live performances showcased, cranking out their second full-length, “JOIN US” (released 11.98 on Dischord Records), produced by J. Robbins. The band spent much of the next year and a half playing shows.

When the time came to write and record more songs, Bluetip once again called on J. Robbins’ expertise to capture their newest batch: 15 songs in all. Five on “Hot (-) Fast(+) Union” with the remaining ten released their third full-length on Dischord Records in September 2001.

Still chomping at the bit after extensive touring through Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. in support of their third album, “Polymer”, Bluetip corrals six years worth of maverick songs into their latest release “Post Mortem Anthem’.The collection features five previously unreleased songs recorded over the years during various sessions. These songs had fallen victim to time and money constraints; left feral and unfinished on their master reels until this spring when they were broken, groomed, and saddled. Five more songs, previously farmed out to 7” singles and compilations currently out of print, round out the herd, making “Post Mortem Anthem” a potent retrospective from the Bluetip stable.

HellFire #6/Dischord #101.5 “Ohio” 7” released August 1995

Dischord #101 “Dischord No. 101” 13 song LP/CD, released June 1996

Lovitt Records #3 “Lovitt Empire” compilation 7” released July 1996

Maggadee Records #3 split tour 7” with Kerosene 454 released September 1996

Timebomb #55 compilation CD/LP with Bluetip, Kerosene 454, Sweetbelly

Freakdown & Naht released March 1998

Dischord #111 2 song 7” released March 1998

Dischord #116 Dischord #116 12 song CD/LP “Join Us”released November 1998

Bcore #72 New Shoe Premonition 7” released November 1999

Slowdime #29 5 song 7” out May 2000

Dischord #121 10 song CD “Polymer’ out September, 2000

Dischord #126 10 song CD/LP “Post Mortem Anthem”, out Fall/Winter 2001

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