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Brad Smith is a video game programmer from Burlington, Ontario.

Graduate of Queen’s University in both Music and Computing. As a musician, he has extensive ensemble experience as a pianist, trombonist, and singer. He has developed an understanding of a very wide range of repertoire, an extremely well trained ear, and a strong interest in composition. As a computer scientist, he has had a lifelong interest in programming. Beginning from an early interest in creating computer games, he has learned to program in and on a wide variety of languages and architectures. He has paid particular interest to graphics, as well as audio processing and musical applications. From 2007 to 2009, he worked as a software engineer for Obsidian Entertainment, contributing to two multi-platform game projects.

On his official site you can find since an 8bit version of Pink Floyd, The Dark Side Of The Moon, which is called MOON8 to a sort of personal game and musical stuff for download.