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For the operating system, see BS2000.

BS 2000 is the name of a musical side project of Beastie Boys' Adam "Adrock" Horovitz and Amery "AWOL" Smith also with tracks featuring Janay North. In 1997, BS 2000 released their vinyl-only self-titled debut. BS 2000 later released a limited-edition vinyl/CD, Buddy, in 2000 and Simply Mortified on vinyl and CD in 2001.

Simply Mortified was the final release through the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label.

Their song "The Scrappy" was featured on the American and European versions of the Xbox video game, Jet Set Radio Future.


  • BS 2000 (1997)
  • Beach Blanket Boggle Boogie (2000)
  • Buddy (2000)
  • Simply Mortified (2000)
  • The Scrappy (2000)
  • It Feels Like (2001)

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