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Chemlab was an industrial rock band formed in Washington D.C., USA, in 1989 by Dylan Thomas More, Joe Frank, and Jared Louche (then known as Hendrickson). Influenced by the pioneers of the industrial genre, such as Throbbing Gristle, Chemlab mixed experimental sounds with rock and metal, which they dubbed "Angel-Dustrial". They released their first EP 10 Ton Pressure, parted ways with Frank and moved to New York City, their base for the duration of their career. The band toured with acts such as White Zombie, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, 16volt, and GWAR.

After releasing the albums Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar and East Side Militia on Fifth Colvmn Records, Chemlab broke up in 1997 and then reformed in 2004 to release an album entitled Oxidizer with Jared as the only original member. After a seven-year hiatus from the stage, Jared recreated Chemlab and, with a backing band composed of the members of electro-industrial group mindFIELD performed a one-off show in Boston, Massachusetts in August 2005. The band played another one-off show, this time in New York City on January 7, 2006. A third show in San Francisco on March 17, 2006, saw the band joined by fellow coldwave bands Babyland and Deathline International. The band has recently played at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and the Blacksun Festival.

In late 2007 the band toured the US for the first time in eight years, with the supporting line-up of multi-instrumentalist/programmer Gabriel Shaw (mindFIELD), Wade Alin (Christ Analogue) and Jason Bazinet (SMP).

During the spring of 2010, Chemlab toured North America with 16Volt and Left Spine Down.

Jared Louche announced on stage during a performance on September 7th 2012 in Chicago, that it would be the band's final show.

Other past members and contributing artists

  • John "Servo" DeSalvo (16 Volt/KMFDM)
  • Mark Kermanj
  • Geno Lenardo (Filter)
  • Charles Levi (My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult)
  • Greg Lucas (The Final Cut)
  • James McAndrew (Milquetoast & Co.)
  • Regan Miller (mindFIELD)
  • Gabriel Shaw (mindFIELD)
  • William Tucker
  • Kraig Tyler (16 Volt/Crazy Town)
  • Ned Wahl (The Deadly Nightshades)
  • Steve Watson
  • Paula "Shark" Wood

References in popular culture

In the 1995 movie 12 Monkeys, a Chemlab poster can be seen during an exterior shot of a sidewalk and building. In the Aerosmith video for "Amazing", a similar Chemlab poster can be seen at the end of the video.



  • Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar (1993)
  • East Side Militia (1996)
  • Suture (2000)
  • Oxidizer (2004)
  • Rock Whore vs. Dance Floor remixes (2006)
  • Machine God Down (in production)


  • Ten Ton Pressure (1990)
  • Magnetic Fields Remixes (1994)
  • "Electric Molecular" with KMFDM remixes (1996)
  • "The Machine Age" (2003)


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