«Clavier» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Clavier~クラビア~ was a Japanese oshare kei indies band formed in late 2002. Disbanded in July 2006. Their music is different from most oshare kei and J-rock bands. They have a softer and melodic touch to their songs, thanks to the compositions of their drummer, Kazami. In September 2005, Dai joined Clavier as their second guitarist, but left the band only a few months after. Later on, he joined ガイズファミリー, under the new name, Reo. Mayu, Yuu, and Kazami also joined a new band, DaizyStripper. So far, there is still no news on Shuuya.

Their first maxi-single was 夏の便り (natsu no tayori), and in April 2005 they launched the mini-album 夢の白地図 (yume no hakuchizu). They were also featured on some V.A. CDs, such as HYSTERIC MEDIA ZONE. In August of the same year they released the maxi-single 君とひまわり (kimi to himawari). The last work of the band, 夢飛行 (yume hikou), was released in May 2006 and, sadly, they disbanded in July in the same year.


(2003.01.xx) - ずっと一緒… (zutto issho…)

(2004.02.21) - V.A. HYSTERIC MEDIA ZONE

(2004.06.30) - V.A. SHOCK JAM CD Edition.4

(2004.07.14) - 夏の便り (natsu no tayori)

(2005.04.06) - 夢の白地図 (yume no hakuchizu)

(2005.04.20) - 四天の嗚々 (shiten no meimei)

(2005.08.31) - 君とひまわり (kimi to himawari)

(2006.05.24) - 夢飛行 (yume hikou)


愁耶 | Shuuya - Vocals

まゆ | Mayu - Guitar (→ DaizyStripper)

游 | Yuu - Bass (→ DaizyStripper [as Rei~レイ~])

風弥 | Kazami - Drums (→ DaizyStripper)


Dai - Guitar (→ ガイズファミリー[as Reo] → Brother)