«Colleen Raney» - biography, albums, songs, video clips

Growing up in a family of 10 brothers and sisters, this emerging Irish singer began performing at age 4 with her eldest brother and hasn’t stopped yet. Years of traditional Irish step-dancing and music combined with a contemporary sensibility have forged a sound and style that is uniquely her own.

Trained as an actor at the University of Washington’s Professional Actor Training Program, Colleen has worked in Seattle, New York, Connecticut and on tour — all the while continuing to play and write music.

With the release of her debut album, Linnet, Colleen has gathered all of her favorite musicians and created a record that she is so proud to share. The inimitable Hanz Araki, big brother Mark Raney, Cary Novotny, Matt Jerrell, Nancy Conescu, Eddie Parente, Kellam Throgmorton, Cali McKasson, Philip Boulding, Kathryn Claire, Matthew Hayward-MacDonald, and bodhrán master Vash all weave their considerable talents into the project.