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Dadawa is the artist name of Zhu Zheqin (朱哲琴), a singer/songwriter/indie producer, who is well-known for her vocalization. She was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Dadawa is sometimes referred as the “Chinese Enya” by fans. Many fans also describe her as China’s Ry Cooder, given her eclectic forays into World Music including one recording and tour with Ireland’s The Chieftains. She collaborated with composer/producer He Xuntian for all of her albums. He Xuntian is a Shanghai music professor. In 1994, He Xuntian and Dadawa travelled to Tibet to research Tibetan culture and beliefs. The result, Sister Drum (1995), was an international success. Following that, Dadawa’s album Voices From The Sky was released in 1997. Dadawa is the first contemporary Chinese musician to have her music released worldwide, for which she has received an Asian MTV award for her contribution to Asian music.

Reverse chronologically, her albums have been: “Main Title Theme” (aka “一首歌”, 2007), Seven Days (aka “七日谈”, 2006), Voices From the Sky (aka “央金玛”, 1997), Sister Drum (aka 阿姐鼓, 1995, brought international breakthrough) & Yellow Children (aka “黄孩子”, 1992).

All have been made in cooperation with, Shanghai based musician, 何训田 (aka He Xuntian).

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