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…a brief encounter… Where lies the future of music? …Japan just might have the answer… In 2001, a previously unknown artist emerged out of the ferment of the Tokyo electronica scene, taking listeners by surprise with a fresh vision for experimental hip-hop. It wasn’t long before Klock had played some of the country’s leading events, including the Fuji Rock Festival and the Metamorphose outdoor electronica party. Bjork, Jurassic 5, Jeff Mills, Medeski, Martin & Wood, the Sun Ra Arkestra and Ryuichi Sakamoto are just a few of the established stars with whom he shared the stage. And with a steady stream of club dates, his turntable skills always stay razor sharp. A DJ Klock set is like few others. He combines an aggressive DJ battle style with an unhinged creativity. His fat, gelatinous beats communicate a love of music that leaves few feet unmoved and yet simulataneously ignites the brain’s synapses. On San, his first widely distributed and promoted project in the U.S., Klock creates vignettes of sound ranging from looped snare drum patterns to digital squiggles and squeaks. Unexpectedly, fairy-tale melodies played on trumpet, xylophones and toy guitars can arise out of minimalist beats. Strange voices float alongside skeletal rhythms like previously unheard sounds from deep within the mind’s imagination. With Ropedope assuring that his music will be heard far and wide in the United States through its new digital-exclusive release series, it’s only a matter of time until DJ Klock’s avant-turntable masterpiece San will be discovered and devoured Stateside by the headiest of music heads looking for the most progressive sound collages found anywhere in the world. Japan’s DJ Klock sets his own watch and defines the time